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Our services

We invite You and Your partners in Shipping to became our company's customer. We are sure You will enjoy working with us. The Ship`s Agents - Far Eastern Marine Independent Surveyor and Agency Company. Our company is engaged in all the kinds of agency, survey and supply service and achieved the reputation of the stable and reliable partner. We are glad to cooperate with You. We offer the kinds of service as follows:

Agency service

  • arranging of all the necessary procedures (rather complicate ones in Russia) of the ship's arrival and departure
  • arranging gaining together (as they are prescribed to work in full set of authorities only for clearing in/out the ship) and brining all the authorities to and from the ship such as: immigrations, customs, guarantee and port authorities;
  • clearance in and out;
  • arrangement of berthing, anchorage and service on the anchor;
  • checking, collecting and delivery the invoices for the port dues and other compulsory payments are to be paid by the ships (or their Owners);
  • familiarizing the Masters with the port rules and local and port customs;
  • cooperation with the consignees and consignors and arranging all the problems may arise in the connection with the cargo operations;
  • arrangement of any kinds of cargo loading/discharging;
  • any measures in accordance of the Owners' instructions such as: distribution the orders for any ship's need, controlling the procedure of any operation and solving any problem concerning both the ship and any crew member including any declarations on behalf of the Owners and their ships.

Survey service

  • accident and emergency investigation including any case connected with ship, cargo, freight, crew or all together;
  • safety practice consulting as well as any occurred owing to unforeseen events or circumstances and emergency incidents;
  • any cargo surveys according to the Rules, Codes and/or recommendations and/or Owners instructions or consulting notices such cargoes as wheat, timber, bulk cargoes, reefer cargoes, dangerous cargoes, liquid cargoes and kind of general cargo including heavyweights and extra lengths;
  • bunker survey and bulk cargo quantity determining;
  • draft survey;
  • TIME CHARTER delivery and re-delivery condition survey;
  • ship's appraisal on the ground of full survey expert's conclusion;
  • damage survey including submerged hull;
  • breakbulk survey;
  • fitness for the cargo carriage survey including holds condition, cargo tanks condition, their clearness, ventilation etc.;
  • supervision of loading(/dischargng) the cargo including heavyweights placing;
  • supervision of the hull, gear and equipment;
  • supervision of the liquid cargoes pumping in/out systems effectiveness and safety;
  • recommendations for the cargo handling including draft, stability and trim recommendations as well as safe carrying stowing and discharging recommendations;
  • survey for any kind of  insurance;
  • survey of the damaged cargoes for the general average and particular average and determining of the salvage payment;
  • routine recommendations considering the weather, tide and speed;
  • sailing and mooring recommendations (and directions if required);
  • safety recommendations including ecological one;
  • recommendations on the safety in the dry docks and other special situations;
  • recommendations on the safety precautions and muster list for the high level radiation
  • recommendations on the hull, gear and equipment maintenance.

Shipchandling (both provision and technical supply)

  • order and delivery of the provisions and technical supply to board as per the ship's orders and Owners' instructions;
  • arranging the fresh water and fuel oil supply;
  • ship's logs, navigational charts and guides supply.

Custom declaration of cargoes and ship's stores

Custom clearance - it sounds strange in Russia the vessel may loose two or three days for custom clearing out concerning ship's stores only if the captain is not guided by the local agent and the special licensed person who has a right to make a custom declaration and who knows all these custom procedure in details.

The Ship`s Agents Co. is registered participant of the Foreign Trade Economical Activity. That is why our company deals with the problems of the declaring the ship's cargoes and technical supply as Agent on behalf of the Owners. This declaring uses to be made in the shortest time (available in Russia).

Organization of a crew shift in Russia and abroad

  • arranging of changing the crews (repatriation both in Russia and overseas with visa obtaining when necessary and transit papers);
  • booking the air, railway and passenger ship's tickets as well as hotel reservation;
  • payment to the crews in advance in accordance with ship order (and Owner' confirmation).
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